Campaign Under Way for Germany to Join Open Government Partnership

When eight countries committed to launching the Open Government Partnership in the fall of 2011, chaired by the governments of the United States and Brazil, hopes were high among the German “opengov” community that their own government’s commitment might be imminent.

For quite some time, efforts for more transparent, collaborative and participatory government in Germany have had trouble securing high-level backing for all kinds of pilot projects. Change agents in ministries have expressed the view that the wiggle room for experimentation is exhausted, and it needs an official and serious commitment by the federal government in order to secure resources for open government projects to gain foot. Community activists would like to see their issue be made a “Chefsache”, a top government priority.

To date, the German chancellery has not made this commitment, while 52 partner countries have already joined the OGP world-wide. There is some hope that Chancellor Merkel might pull a hat trick during the CeBit, when Brazilian President Rousseff is visiting. [CeBit, to be held in March in Hannover, is the world’s largest IT and communications trade fair.]

More information is available here

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